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We offer two types of grants:

  1. Community Grants: $500-$2,500

  2. Major Grants: $2,501-$10,000.

Before Starting the Application Process

Please make sure you meet the eligibility requirements: (a) your organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, school, or government organization, (b) your initiative intends to enrich Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and (c) your initiative is not a capital improvement project.

  • Decide whether you're applying for a Community Grant or a Major Grant.

  • Prepare your application form for submission: PDF version, Word version.

  • Submit your application using the form on this page below.

Apply Now!
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For 2022 please note that application deadlines for major grants are: June 25th,  December 10th. Community Grant applications may be submitted and awarded at any time.
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